ALT Linux 2.3 Compact

User Guide

AlexanderšBokovoy, StanislavšIevlev, GeorgešKouriachy, DmitryšLevin, AlekseišNovodvorsky, AlexanderšProkoudine, AlekseišSmirnov, OlegšVlasenko, MichaelšZabalujev

This book is composed of different sections distributed under the terms of different licenses. The section “System Installation” contains text written by MandrakeSoft, and is distributed under the terms of GNU General Public License, version 1.1 or any newer version. The original text of the license can be found at The section “System Configuration and Administration” contains text taken from the translation of the book “Linux Installation and Getting Started” written by Matt Welsh and others, and is also distributed under the terms of GNU GPL. All the rest of the book is distributed under the terms of GNU Free Documentation License (GNU FDL), version 1.2 (the original text of the license can be found at

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Table of Contents

1. Introduction
What Is Linux
What Is ALT Linux
Technical Support
2. System Installation
Introduction to the Installation Program
Choice of Language
Acceptance of License Terms
Mouse Setup
Keyboard Setup
Disk Partitioning and Choice of Mount Points
Direct Hard Drive Partition Management
Choice of Partitions to Format
Choice of Packages for Installation
Administrator's (root) password
Adding a User
Automatic System Logon
Network Configuration
Checking Various Parameters (a Resume)
X Window System Configuration
3. System Setup and Administration
Administration Basics
User Management
Hardware Support
System Boot Setup
Filesystem Management
What to Do in Unexpected Situations
Program Installation and Uninstallation (Package Management)